Bujaka 2016

All inclusive
5 speakers and 3 days

2016 Speakers: Marko Laukkarinen, Mark Pacura, René Garmider, Jere Satamo,Jirina Alanko


Bujaka 2016 testimonials

Bujaka was a lifechanging experiment! I got so much new inspiration for wedding-, couple- and boudoirphotography. It was also amazing to get to know collegues more. Everything was organized so well. Can't wait for the next one! "

“ Amazing workshop that left me inspired, awed and with a lot of new secret weapons in my arsenal - even after years of wedding photography. I recommend Bujaka to all people photographers. "

“ Summer 2016 never forget! This was the best thing that ever happened to me. It really lit my fire and my wedding customers were pleased for what they got. Couldn't have spend my money better! "

“ Really good stuff guys keep it up! I have never felt as warm atmosphere before in any job or other communities. "

“ Great weekend! Awwww <3 "

“ Thank u so much for the inspiration you gave me. Photographing people hasn't ever been this joyful and exciting. And now I truly understand the  meaning of wedding photography and how important it is to make it right. And to feel it. Thank you Marc, Jere, René and Marko! "

“ What can I say?! The weekend, THE Wiikend was amaizing. I don't remember then I last time have so match insperation after weeken. Speaker was great, honest, inspire, lovely. Many thing changes in my mind about my photography, so match new ideas so match new ways. One word ""AMAZING, INSPIRE and LOT OF HAPPINES"". Oho.... one word! I can sah in so many ways how grateful I am! Thanks you guys!!!! "

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Bujaka photo camp 2016 partners: Nikon, Kuva-Järvinen, Printstart